Monday, May 24, 2010

Gavin's first trip to "Gods Country" as his Dad calls it!

This May long weekend we make the trip out to Sask, our first long trip with the two boys. They did great, at the 5 hour mark thinks got a bit scary but we pushed through and made it with little to no tears!
We had a jam packed weekend of visiting and events since it has been 6 months since our last trip to Rosthern.
The first stop was the Costco auction that I have been excited to attend for months!! I was not disappointed, here is a picture of the boys after we bought a Cuisinart Bread Maker for $60. Once we got the hang and confidence of an auction our arms were flying up buying things.
Our next stop of the day was an auction that the family held for Grandma Roth's estate, here is Grandpa and Bennett having a coffee after the event.

Gavin just hung around checking everything out.

Grandma and Grandpa Roth opened a car wash a few months ago with a doggy wash in it, Tucker got a bit of pampering not too sure if he would conside it pampering or torcher? I didn't get a picture of the car wash but it looks great, our mini van was sparkling all weekend.

Another big event for us this weekend was to visit Uncle Dan at his firestation in Prince Albert.

how cute...

Uncle Dan and Bennett

Gavin and Dad

Bennett trying on the gas mask and did not even get scard.

Uncle Dan's tour showed us all kinds of cool stuff, we were a good audience.

Bennett tried to the pole!

Gavin in training...

Adam thinks he might have a shot at next years calendar, what do you think?

The boys and one big spotty dog!

It was a long trip with many potty stops but well worth it, we had a great time seeing everyone!

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