Friday, July 9, 2010

USA here we come...

We arrived in Bellevue a suburb of Seattle where our hotel is locate in the late afternoon, unpacked and let the babies have some freedom in our hotel rooms before we decided to take the 2 mile hike (I mean hike) to get supper and check out this cool town/city.

With the bombing 37 degree weather we decided to eat at the mall instead of at the park we had planned so Bennett got to go to this play cool place and LOVED IT!

Bennett didn't even want to stop and eat so Adam just kept feeding him on the fly.

Gavin's supper

Bennet making a wish at the start of the trip, I bet he's wishing that ALL the babies don't cry too much!!

The walk was up hills both ways, honestly!!

Quick picture and a rest, I'm sure they didn't mind!

The boys getting ready for bed

Traveling with sooo many babies kind of pushed us out of our rooms so they could all sleep and be happy babies the next morning. Stac and I were waiting for the boys to arrive from the store with the muchly deserved beer.

We had a couple of cold drinks and planned the next days activities.

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