Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The HOT weather is just hitting us now but we have managed to have some fun in the water anyways. We found this great spray park and stayed all day because it wasn't too hot.
Adam and Bennett shooting at Ethan and Danny.
Look how much fun this place is!
Adam taking a break with Gavin.

The spray park even had a waterslide for the kidlets, how great is that!

He's soaked and loving it!

Adam and Bennett running through the water and under the dragon.

One day it rained all day so we decided to go to the pool at the condo. Gavin is just getting over a cold so I didn't think he should swim but as you can tell he didn't miss a thing!

Bennett and Adam taking on Ethan and Danny again!

Little boys trying to shoot their Dady's who were pretending to be Ogopogo.

Why does water add so much fun to any activity???
Tomorrow we are heading out with John and Stacey to Seattle where it is going to be HOT HOT HOT! I'll keep you posted!

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My Family said...

Hi Mel!!!!
Love all your pics! Your blog is great.