Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cabin Life!

We are currently "homeless" while we are waiting for our new house to be finished so in the mean time we were fortunate to be able to rent a cabin on Sylvan Lake.  I use "homeless" loosely because the cabin is perfect for us, warm and cozy and has the most beautiful view of the lake.
We officially moved in Boxing Day and the first thing we did after we unpacked was took the boys for a sleigh ride on the lake.

Our little dare devil thought he should stand instead of sit for his ride.  Maybe we will have a snowboarder on our hands?

He was VERY proud of himself!!!

and then.....timber!

Going this way....

Going that way....

We found a little gem in the middle of the lake, someone built a beautiful inukshuk out of ice.

Not bad hey!

 Heading home with the sun

When the weather outside is frightful we head indoors and enjoy the view from indoors.

Run Bennett the blue worm will get you too!!

Almost every night after Gavin goes to bed Bennett helps his dad build a fire.  I LOVE the smell of a fire burning and the cozy feeling from it.

Just checking for Santa... how did he fit down there?

I love this picture, just relaxing and enjoying the fire they built themselves.

How lucky are we!!!  It feels like we are on holidays, reality will be bitter sweat when we get into our new house.

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