Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We woke up to a little voice at 6:30am saying..."did Santa come?"  What an absolutely PERFECT way to wake up on Christmas morning!
The rest of the house downstairs woke up at the same time and the big boys went running up stairs and.....
I think this picture says it all!

Bennett was telling everyone that Santa eat the cookie and the reindeer eat the carrots. ( I LOVE IT)

Everyone upstairs heard the commotion and came out, a sleep Gavin.

And then he saw what Santa brought and he was bright eyed!

A before picture

Santa brought Gavin a special chair that he LOVES!

I think it took us almost 3 hours to open gifts so by the end all the kids wanted to do was play with the toys.

Gavin and Ryan on Ethan's new BIG truck

Our wonderful boys!

Christmas morning Adam

Christmas morning Mel

The after picture... WOW

Next on the agenda to get the turkey in the oven...the boys thought Grandma could use their help!

I think the turkey lurkey came to life at this very moment!

For the afternoon we went ski-dooing and sledding, I say we but actually Gavin slept, Grandma worked on Christmas dinner and the big boys were only outside for a bit.

Grandpa pulling little Ryan.

What a little trooper!

This is where the boys ended up watching a movie eating candy.

The Kohut family drove down from Red Deer to join up for Christmas dinner.  We are so thankful for such a wonderful family!

Gavin's first Christmas dinner and is already fighting the token king crown.

Bennett saying cheers!

Adam was the very last one eating in true Adam style...I think this is the look of contentment, ha ha!

We had a truly wonderful Christmas with our family.  Here is wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season

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