Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15 - Old Friend, New Friend

Today the boys and I went to visit an old friend of mine from Hanna.  Jayme lives on a farm almost an hour from town so it was our little adventure for the day!  The boys have never been on a farm and able to be so close to all the animals.  The coolest part about our visit today was that growing up Jayme was the one who introduced me to horse and real "farm life" and today her kids passed that along to my kids!

All the kidlets waiting to get into the corral with the miniature donkeys, Snickers and Smarte

I love this picture because Dexter who is 1 1/2 is showing Bennett his little donkey, how adorable!


Snickers coming over to meet Bennett


How adorable is this!  Eve and her pet donkey.

Gavin even got to ride one of the donkeys, just his size!

Bennett warmed up to the horses quickly, Eve showed him how friendly they are.

Bennett LOVED the horses!

So this is how comfortable they are with their animals, the kids were in the Bull pen saying, "come on Mom!"  Not going to lie, I was a little worried but tried not to show my city girl side too much.

Salt and Pepper, the sheep kept their distance from the kids ( I don't blame them).

Ride em cowboy! 

Rocky showed Gavin how friendly their horses are.

We had a fantastic day with my old friend and Bennett and Gavin meeting new friends!  Thanks for the great day Miller family!


The Alexanders said...

such cute pictures! How fun for the boys to get to go out and see all those animals!

Jayme said...

Wow what a fantastic Blog you have!! Love the pictures, stories & updates on the Roths!!! We had so much fun with you guys here. Evy had such a hard time going for her nap after all the excitement. Love the picture of Bennett petting the horses nose. How sweet is that? You will have to come in the summertime, the kids would have a blast!!!

Miss ya already,