Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday - Dr. Seuss Style

Today we celebrated Bennett's 3rd birthday with is friends Dr. Seuss style.  Let's just say this by the end of this party my name was Mrs. Seuss!
Okay, lets start with the food that I had sooo much fun making with a little help, okay a lot of help from my mom, Lisa and Stacey.
The banneris from Hattrick Design.

Under the cake is 3 fish (for Bennett's third birthday).... could it get any better, honestly!!!

My new true love....cakepops!!! Yum, Yum, Yum!  And are they not the cutest darn things you have

Now for the grand finale...the cake
Speechless, right?
Lisa has outdone herself again!!!

Okay, now all the aside on to the party at hand.  Bennett and all his little friends had a blast, just check out how red Bennett's face is in all the pictures from running so much!
Time for the cake, with his Cat in the Hat hat on.

A silly boy ready for his gifts.

Gavin examining his cakepop, what is the best angle to dive into this baby?

Awe, what the heck I'll just start here.

Some of Bennett's little friends who make the party so special...

Jace keeping a tight grip on his Seuss snacks

Bennett's 3rd birthday has now come and gone but we both had a blast!  Thanks to all our friends for making it such a special day,  Lisa for the amazing cake and Stacey for all the special added touches.

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