Thursday, June 30, 2011

RJC's 10 year grad and the BIG NEWS

It has become our tradition when traveling to Rosthern, that we stop on a dirt road and the boys run off some energy before we jump back in the van and finish the trip.  This time we stopped on a road just as a train was going by, the conductor honked the horn for the boys and made their day!! 

The boys having a little conversation about the train.

Our mad dasher

I am just reading a book called Mamarazzi, which is officially my new name on picaresque evenings and weekends, anyways it talked about taking pictures of the not so perfect moments, which is life.  So here is Gavin having a little fit about I am not sure what?

Could Bennett be anymore excited!!?

We helped Adams parents lay their sod, I think they have the most beautiful yard which is almost done, yeah!!

Now for the real reason for our trip, it was for Adam's 10 year grade from RJC.  They had a whole day of festivities planned with some classmates traveling all the way from the States and even Japan!
Some of the RJC guys digging up the prophesies they wrote to themselves ten years ago.... I can't wait to see what Adam wrote!!!

Our little helper

Adam, Kyle and Richie reading their prophesies....

Filling in the whole

Now for the MOST EXCITING NEWS of the weekend....Tyler and Rebbecca got engaged!!!!  We are so excited to welcome her into the family.


The Alexanders said...

awesome pictures Mel! Looks like another fun weekend :) You should post Adam's letter to would be fun for your fellas to read one day...and fun for the rest of us now!

Kelsey said...

"Mamarazzi" I love that!!
yes, definitly want to know what Adam's letter said, I wish I would have done something like that to have to read in a few years!