Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camping with Friends

This weekend we had our annual camping trip with the Hills and Halverson families.  Each year the dynamics change as the kids get older, more and more fun for everyone, even a few late nights for the parents!

Gavin was excited to help with the fire wood

Just had to take a picture of him, too cute!

The stationary biker gang

Lisa and Colleen, the wonderful mommas!

Fun at the beach, pss look at Josh in the background catching some zzzzz

Gavin just chillin

They still fit in a wagon together, the yearly picture!

It was Adams birthday so I made him a Rice Krispie Treat cake that the kids got to decorate it for him.

Singing Happy Birthday

Our boys sleeping together, Gavin wasn't too sure about the situation so Bennett rubbed his tummy to make him feel better and they both fell fast asleep.  Oh  boy, do I love these boys!!

Family Picture time...

The Roth's

The Halverson's

The Hills.... Soon To Come

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