Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Advent Tradition Continues...

The festive season is upon us again...this years seems even more exciting than before because our boys now share in the excitement with us!  Our Advent traditions are in full force.  Our elf, Gus has made his trip down from the North Pole.  Grandma Roth's calendar has made it depute and our activity calendar started off with Christmas pillow cases.  The newest addition, is the gift of a new Christmas book every night...not brand new but new and exciting from last year.  I just wrapped them all up all our Christmas books and each night the boys get to unwrap the one we will read before bed. 

This season is going to be sooo much fun, thanks to our boys!!

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Aaron & Erin said...

I love the wrapped Christmas book idea! I will have to do that :)