Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gavin turns 2

Our big...little man has turned two years old!  We didn't have a big birthday party but instead a two day celebration with family from both sides.
Who know balloons could be the best guest at the party!  And having cousins come to share in the fun makes any birthday that much better.  

I love this one...a classic pictures

The morning of Gavin's actual birthday he woke up to a sea of balloons.  It took a few minutes for him to realize what was going on and then the fun began.

Plus 7 weather on January 7th, almost too good to be true!!  
We thought we would try out the skates for the first time this year, Gavin was a little trooper but Bennett remembered his fears from last year to vividly.  I guess we need to practice, practice, practice!!!

One final surprise....Austin arrived with a birthday cake and the birthday song just for Gavin.  How sweet is that!!


Aunty K said...

Happy Birthday Gavin!!
Great pics Mel!

Aunty K said...

hahaha, I made my name Aunty K for Stacey's blog, wasn't really thinking it would show on everyone elses' whoops!!