Saturday, February 18, 2012

The final chapter...

One last post to share of all the "other" pictures and activities that we enjoyed.  We all had a highlight of the week.  Mine was sitting on the beach with Bennett, chatting and watching the waves crash in.  Adams was playing in the sand with the boys, while Bennett could not stop talking about the "big boys" that we met from Airdrie who hands down made his trip and to be honest our too.  They did a lot of entertaining for us.  And Gavin well..he might say he loved the bottomless glass of Pina-Coladas or being able to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted just to keep the peace and to have everyone happy!  Boy did reality suck for him when we got home and that fairy tale life went out the window!
The first day we arrived we met two fantastic families the Moffat's and Zigglers from Airdire who just happened to be on our flight and staying at our hotel.  Their boys thought our little guys were adorable and thought Adam was the coolest 6 foot 7 guy ever.  Even though I wasn't the hottest commodity in our family I feel like I scored the most, a little quiet time in the sun by myself!!  Our little bloodies were a hit with the locals, honestly who could resist them :)

Our only near drowning of the week, a little scare was a good think for Gavin.  He honestly thinks he is superman.  There were lots of eye on the boys at all times by everyone around the pool.

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