Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bennett's 4th Birthday Bash

Due of Bennett's love for skating this year we thought we would have a skating party for his 4th birthday.  But due to our warm weather this winter we needed to move the party up a couple weeks just in case all of the ice had melted and the party would be a flop.  Well Mother Nature sure threw a curve ball in that idea, the weather got cold and she dumped a load of snow on us the weekend of the party.  And for another added curve ball the flu had hit our house hard the week before and poor Bennett was not back to his old self yet, so he probably didn't have the most fun :(, which makes me feel sad for him.  But the party must go on....and it sure did with skating, food and fun!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Here is the food line-up, I was hesitant to do too much just in case the party didn't happen.  So the night before and morning of were kinda a rush!

Even Gavin got a gift to open

Some of the kidlets with their party favor hats on...I think they are so darn adorable!!

A happy birthday boy :)

We were not even in the house 5 minutes and Hungary Hippo game was out, put together and in full force!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with Bennett and made his 4th birthday a memorable one! 

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