Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our little Tucker - LOST?

On almost a daily basis Tuckers basic needs can be a big deal for us to provide.  I swear he waits until we sit down and put our feet but before he barks at the door to go outside.  Don't get me wrong, we love him but the understanding is that he is the low man on the family totem pole.  
All our feels of frustration took a back seat when he disappeared yesterday....GONE!  Along with many of our wonderful friends we searched the neighbourhood, Adam went door to door with a picture, we called the radio stations, put an add on Kijiji, all in search of our little Tucker.  All his little inconveniences didn't seem like such a big deal when we thought he was gone.
It took until the next day and a sleepless night worrying, that we got a phone call from the SPCA. A couple found him and dropped him off there yesterday.  I rushed down to pay the "finders fee" of $60 and picked up our missing piece to our family puzzle.  
He was as happy to be home as we were to have him home.
Thanks again to everyone who helped in the search!!

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