Friday, June 8, 2012

Busy Buddies

We have the boys in lots of activities this spring.  Gavin is not old enough for organized sports yet, so we put him into Busy Buddies, a parented activity class at the Collicut center on Monday evenings.  This is a daddy son night out, I asked a couple weeks back if I could take Gavin and Adam's response, "no way, it's my time with Gavin"!  So this post is me relaying all the info that Adam gave me about their Busy Buddies activities.

Gavin LOVES craft time and always completes each one, which surprises me a little.

Our little picasso at work!

Snack time, everyone's favorite!!

The remainder of class is spent in the field house playing with the toys and the parachute, Gavin's ultimate favorite activity!!

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