Sunday, January 27, 2013

Xel Ha

Xel Ha is an Eco Tourism park that is a paradise for kids and adults.  Your admission includes all you can eat and drink.  I was here about 13 years ago with my family and had so many wonderful memories that I wanted to take my own family.
Gavin stop to check out the huge map and pointed out where he wanted to go and see.  
Our 8 hours at the park consisted of 2 hours of snorkeling (which there are no picture of because we were in the water), zip lining into the water,  doing the long trek around the park, watching Adam jump off some cliffs and spending the last few hours at the kids park.  
Gavin fell asleep shortly after lunch so he's not in many of the pictures, we added a token picture with him in it.

I love this picture because you see Adam just about to jump, Bennett watching close (a little too close to the edge for this momma) and Gavin covering his eyes.

We had to cross these animals (can't remember their names) while they were in a feeding frenzie.  A little nerve racking for us.   

The zip line

My boys checking out the Manatee

The kids park!!

Gavin forever working on his canon ball!

If we ever loose Gavin we know where to find him.... playing in a shower!

Adam was delivered the BIGGEST beer he's ever had.... will he drink it??

Yup he sure did!  Bennett told everyone my dad drank the biggest ever and was going to get drunk, but didn't.

An absolutely amazing day with our family!  I couldn't have dreamed of a better day :)

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