Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Game Day - GAME TIME!!

Game time if officially here, the smell of foot long hot dogs, carmel corn and garlic fries filled the air. Ready or not Mariners here we come!!
The papas pushing the babies to the game.
Enjoying our hotdogs just outside the stadium, you could order cream cheese on it if you wanted? I was not too sure about that!

Classic family shot

Family shot in color

Bennett giving his dad a quick snuggle, and Gavin trying to sneak in to the picture, hee hee.

Roth family checking out the warm-up
Group shot, looking at the picture now makes me giggle at the fact that we (the parents) were out numbered the whole time! I want to take this same picture in 10 years and I'm sure I will get the same feeling as I do today!

Gavin watching the game from the best seat in the house.

Bennett trying to fight for a high five from the moose!

It looks like he is going to give the moose and GOOD GAME smack on the bum!

The stadium has this GREAT play area for kids, Bennett has willk probably has more memories of this plan than the actual game! He is standing beside Ichiro #51.

Playing with some fellow kidlets

Ballpark food was not as much of a hit with Bennett was it was with us!

One of the only quiet moments watching the game..

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