Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bennett turns 3!

Our sweet Bennett has turned 3, I can't believe it myself...WE HAVE A THREE YEAR OLD!
We had a busy day of birthday festivities planed.

In keeping with tradition Bennett woke up to a room full of balloons, such a fun way to wake up.

Gavin new to this tradition, was checking with this big brother to see what this is all about...really balloons everywhere!!

We stoped by the school and had breakfast with everyone for Shrove Tuesday.  A grade 9 class sang a boastful happy birthday to Bennett while he stood proud as a solider with a huge smile on his face!

Grandma, Ethan and Aunty Amber came up  for Bennett's special day.  A birthday would not be complete with out a outing to McDonald's and a visit to the play place.

A quick stop at Dairy Queen (can you tell Grandma was here spoiling him today!)

More visitors, another birthday song and a cupcake!

To finish off the night we took the boys to the library for their PJ night.  They listened to a couple stories about hats.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Bennett (can you tell how much he loved it!)

And then they made their own hats.

Even Gavin worked on his creative side.

Ta Da

Hee Hee

One last birthday wish from Mom and Dad and off to bed as a 3 year old!

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Erin Schulha said...

Happy birthday Bennett!! Cutest 3 year old we know!