Saturday, June 18, 2011

No more monkeys jumping on the bed

Our boys won't be jumping on their bed anymore but sliding down their slide...that's right!  Their new bunk beds have a slide from the top bunk, how fun I know!!!

But, before we took the old bed out the boys worked on their acrobatics.

This bed was not simple task to put together, it took us two nights to get the final product.  On the second night we got the boys to help, Bennett could almost tighten the screws tighter than I could.

Second stage complete...this is one SOLID bed.

Gavin had to get to bed before we the bed was completely done so Bennett got to enjoy it all by himself.

Snuggled in for his first night

Ta Da... finished product!

The next morning Gavin got his first sight of the bed and was very excited!

Few, both the boys and Dad fit for night time stories, that could have been a major problem as Adam is WAY more exciting to listen to then myself!

So far was have had no midnight sliders, so this bed still seems like a good idea.  I think they are lucky little guys.

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