Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Fathers Day XOXO

For those of you that know Adam know that he's a fantastic dad, so I don't need to write all the mushy stuff describing how fantastic he is to our boys.  This Fathers Day we had a blast finding indoor activities to do while it rained outside yet another day!

Yeah, he did get breakfast in bed, served by his two favorite little guys.

Snuggles were the theme of the day, both boys couldn't get enough love from their dad ... how perfect!

We spent the morning at the Albert Sports Hall of Fame to get out of the house.  We had such a great time trying all the activities and to our surprise, no one else we there.

Adam and our boys just spending time together...A Perfect Fathers Day (from the mouth our Adam himself)!

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The Alexanders said...

looks like you guys had an AWESOME fathers day! I'm glad you were able to stay dry :)