Sunday, October 16, 2011

The start of something special

From the moment we had Bennett both Adam and I couldn't wait for team sports, coaching and all that comes with being on a team.  We both grew up spending every weekend in a gym with our parents cheering us on, driving us and out teammates across the country for games, so many memories that we both cherish.

Well, I have to admit, Bennett starting soccer and myself as one of the coaches is not all that I had dreamed it would be!!  Bennett had a blast and scored his first goal while I ran up and down the field sweating chasing 9 other 3 year olds, cheering them on until I almost lost my voice and trying to console a crying player because she had to share the ball with her teammates.  After the 25 min field time the other coach and I were EXHAUSTED but knew it was worth it by the faces of our boys!
We have another 17 soccer games, so maybe...just maybe you will get to see a couple action shots if I get a minute to take some pictures.

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The Alexanders said...

Way to go Bennett! and of course Mom too :)