Friday, August 1, 2014

August Long at the Truman retreat!!

We love, love spending time at my Aunt and Uncles in Brooks and manage a visit out there at least one weekend a year to enjoy life on the lake.  This year we planned a family reunion with my grandparents coming form BC, family pictures and course lots of fun.  Well, things don't always go as planned, yes most of the family got together and we had lots of laughs but on Saturday night when all the fire works were going off, Grandma fell walking into the house and broke her hip.  The lights of fireworks soon switched to the flashing lights of a ambulance.  Family pictures that were planned for the next day obviously didn't happen either.  We were so grateful to get together with everyone and realize how important time is because things can change in a moment!

Bennett convinced himself that he wanted to try knee boarding, so then I need to convince myself he should try.  He's the type of kid that if he's not successful or scared on the first try then he won't try again.  So as the momma bear I want to make sure he experiences success.  Well this didn't exactly happened, he didn't make it up  and got dragged behind for a little bit and as a result knee boarding is not on his bucket list right now.  

We were asked to judge the yearly neighbourhood pub crawl,  they decorate their mode of transportation and then stop at everyone house/cabin for a drink or appetizer.  They blew us away with their creativity!  

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