Monday, May 14, 2012

A Mothers Day to remember and my run

This year the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Run that I am trying to make an annual event just happened to be on Mothers Day.  I honestly can't imagine a better Mother's Day then having my family supporting me on a run. My mom and sister came with this year but did not run, they came to support me, how lucky and loved am I!
  Today was a day full of moments..... emotional moments, happy moments and exhausted moments.  I'm sure you will be able to pick out what "moment" I was having by some of the pictures!  
When we picked up our bibs for the run we also got a bib honoring our children.  Throughout the run I was able to read other runners bibs and appreciate all the moms that have children they love and cherish.  It seemed to give me that little bit of push when I was tired knowing that I had Bennett and Gavin behind me for support.  

The Corry girls are also making this a yearly event which I am so happy to do with them!

This year because of the wonderful spring weather we were able to run in the paths instead of on the road like last year.  It was a bit harder and had more hills so I think I added a couple minutes to my time from last year (37min).
Having my family at the finish line cheering for me, meant so much to me.

Bennett was so proud of me!
Here are a bunch of moments that made my day so memorable xoxo

When Carrie reached the end she grabbed Ethan and Ryan to cross the finish line with her.

Bennett asked if he could cross the finish line with me, so I grabbed the boys and crossed the finish line for the second time with my two favorite little men in the world.

If you read my blog from last year I talked about the special friendship that my mom and Maureen have and how lucky anyone is to have such a great friend in a lifetime.  Over the past year Maureen was diagnosed with cancer and is currently in remission.  Their friendship has grown stronger and supporting each other has been blessing.  I love this picture!

The group of us!
Tori, Carrie, Maureen, Mel, Angela, Heather and Michelle

The rest of my Mothers Day was spent with the wonderful big and little men in my life.  I know Mother's Day is to honor the mom in your life but I find that I spend more time appreciating the fact that I am a mom and how wonderful it is!!


The Alexanders said...

wow Mel, what a great brought tears to my eyes. Love you!

Mommy Squared said...

Awwww Mel!!! Such a great post, I am crying (but I am a baby)...such great memories you are making with your family :)